The center photo shows a handmade English steel stamp from the 1800s, which I'm excited to share with you. It is in wonderful condition, and the detail is incredible. Even tendrils of hair delicately frame her lovely face. I wonder if the maker of this stamp was inspired by glistening gem-colored windows similar to the ones here. The features and countenance are similar. What is most amazing about this steel stamp is that it is under 1/4 of an inch! Part of my collection of antique steel stamps used in my work, but aside from admiring the workmanship and beauty, I have not yet decided how I will feature this one.

5/27/2009 03:39:25 am

beautiful - and how tiny!

5/27/2009 03:51:32 am

Such a beautiful thing.

5/27/2009 05:13:14 am

Fascinating and lovely!

5/27/2009 05:25:09 am

That is a beautiful stamp! Can't wait to see how you'll incorporate it into your work.

5/27/2009 05:32:34 am

Wow that is an incredible stamp! I can't believe it's only 1/8 inch, with such detail.


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