Immediate in its lucent, chromatic beauty and unexpected design, the photo here only shows a portion of "Outer Orbit", which is just one illuminated piece in a series of glass panels, entitled “Side Lite” by Bryan Northup. Bryan describes his work as “organic yet contemporary”, and we were intrigued to learn that his transparent palette sometimes includes mouth blown antique sheet glass. Bryan explained to us part of the process employed for "Outer Orbit":

“…building on these very special hand picked pieces, I added such elements as a dichroic backed round faceted jewel and a deep red mouth-blown roundel. To emulate the boundless expanse of space I left the rolled edges at each end piece of glass and used copper wire to secure the frame. The finished piece is appropriately very dark and mysterious and really only comes alive in direct sun, the final planetary component in this stained glass panel.”

To learn more about Bryan Northup’s work, visit Biolum Glass and Etsy.


Medieval belief was that stained glass symbolized "divine light". This does make sense since stained glass is the only medium that is observed through refracted light. When we view paintings, photographs, sculptures or any other art for that matter, we observe through reflected light. This wonderful slideshow of stained glass in the North Shore area of Massachusetts, recently introduced by Wicked Local, shows how light transforms these translucent dramas. Photographed and produced by Robert Branch, this presentation is both refracted and divine.


With Valentine's Day fast approaching, here is a late 1800s window of a pair of doves who seem perfectly happy together in their gilded cage.  Passing through colored glass, light moves forth in an almost tangible manner.  Because of its glorious effect on stained glass, these illuminations often go straight to touching one's heart.


Here is another example of Tiffany's pearly sheened window work.  An illuminated image of a woman holding a dove with wonderful swirling pastel tones of mauve, pink and green glass. 

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