Clicking around Etsy I found this votive of pearly teal flowers, handmade by Racquel's Mosaics. These votives are offered in different styles, and I think it's the candle glow shining through the raised surface of hand-cut stained glass that makes them look enchanting. Raquel's adventures in mosaics are blogged and she is also starting a website, featuring the most whimsical mosaic creations. 'Glad I clicked around Etsy today!


There's a snowstorm brewing here in New England.  Quiet snow for quiet thinking.  So I took a break away from the jeweler's bench and combined my photo of a window from an old nearby cathedral, which focuses on one very small piece of the whole.  Then I added a well-known quote to ponder by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross.  The words and the photo go nicely together.


February is the month for flowers, chocolates, and endearments, and with this in mind we call your attention to the Chihuly Bridge of Glass. It is a stunning concrete, steel and art glass structure that links the Thea Foss Waterway and the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington. Completed in 2002, this commissioned artwork of Dale Chihuly (who was born in Tacoma) is the focal point, and the bridge is considered one of the area's most romantic places for watching the sunset.


For those who would like the look of stained glass as a temporary and affordable option, Artscape offers decorative stained glass film. If you don't like the results, its low cost means you can simply remove it and maybe even try another. The one pictured above is called "Magnolia", and several other designs are available, including the look of beveled glass.


Viewing Shayla Maddox's paintings feel similar to gazing upon stained glass windows, and just like stained glass, light is integral to her textured work. All of her paintings, including 'Looking Up At Night', above, come alive and change expression with the light, and she explains

' ... seeing how different lighting drastically enhances the color of the painting is intrinsic for me in the process of creating it.'

Shayla told us her mother was a stained glass artist, and recently Shayla began using glass on some pieces, sprinkled on certain areas to add additional texture, sparkle and glimmer. To view more of her work, visit Shayla Maddox's blog and Etsy.

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