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Lichfield Cathedral angel window by Charles Eamer Kempe
Individual pieces of glass fit together, making a beautiful image that glows with life.  Mozart's notes fit effortlessly together, making beautiful music that lives forever.
Piano piece handwritten by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Today I've been commissioned to create a ring, eco friendly of course. It will feature one embossed musical note, which I will carve out of steel to use again in other designs.

Photograph by Flickr member Miltonmic

Lately, I've been embossing into recycled silver and gold a 19th century bird from one of my antique tools.

Machines cannot replicate the touch of human hands

It appears to be a dove, and for its age and small size the detail is wonderful.

This recycled 18K gold ring is hand created at my bench

With my attention on antique birds, it was a delight to stumble upon Kristen Hudgik's night lights.

Nashville Warbler image, transferred onto a piece of light amber glass

She is also inspired by the beauty and amazing effect of pure light captured in colored glass from another time.

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