On a scenic fall hike several years back, we stopped for a rest nearby some old railroad tracks. I noticed something sticking out of the ground and dug it up. It was a large rusty key, shown in the above photo.
Finding it was the start of antique and vintage key collecting.
Photograph by Flickr member *April*
For hundreds of years keys have represented authority, security, and power.    Its symbol is found throughout history, on coats of arms, banners and even seals for kings, emporers and cities.  Found in art, including stained glass, keys unlock the Kingdom of Heaven and the Bottomless Pit.  And presenting a "key to the city" is a medieval tradition that continues to this day.  
I took a few of my favorites, created molds, and employing traditional goldsmithing methods cast each in recycled sterling silver. Here they are with almost every detail of the originals showing wonderfully.
Beautiful key necklaces, connecting to the past.  A key fascination.
Photograph by Flickr member bly2k

Incomparably rich colors with the lighting just right, looking dramatic and vibrant with intense tones...

I'm thinking about a scenic drive in New England during peak time for fall foliage. Have you ever noticed that when the sun returns after a light rain, the lush expanses of fall colors are even more breathtaking? This is the perfect time of year to plan a leaf-peeping trip to the historic village of Shelburne, Vermont.

Why Shelburne? With a collection of 50 buildings chock full of esoterica, Shelburne Museum is a destination unto itself, and it is the perfect destination for a leaf-peeping trip because of their special exhibit on view in the Webb Gallery until October 25th. Louis Comfort Tiffany: Nature By Design. This exhibit includes 75 works on loan from museums and private collections, including lamps, stained glass, jewelry, ceramics, and glass vessels, and many never seen before.

Time to plan a trip, pack a thermos of hot mulled cider, and as long as the sun comes out I hope it rains just a little!

Tiffany Studios Peacock Library Lamp on view at Shelburne Museum

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