Cuff links of Great Grandmother Aurora, her 22K gold chain and tablecloth
Long before she came to America, Great Grandmother Aurora owned a steamer trunk with beautiful hand-embroidered tablecloths passed down from family, including a few she made herself.  Some sections are so elaborate that the supporting linen appears to be hidden.  She's gone now, but the tablecloths are kept safe in the same steamer trunk with one or two brought out on special family occasions.  Reminders of the importance of time, care and attention to detail.
When Great Grandfather Antonio married Aurora, he gave her a very long 22K gold chain.  A traditional gift for the bride that took Antonio years of saving.  With much of that from working the farm, there are a few family stories having to do with hard work, ingenuity and making do with what one has.  Before she passed on, Great Grandmother Aurora asked me to divide the chain in three.  One for each grandchild.  (One is shown in the very first photo above.)   Around the time I worked on the chain, I came to realize something that family was telling me all along: 
What changes isn't as important as what never changes. 
A favorite suit of mine. One day I hope to own one made by Lorenzo.
Cousin Lorenzo is a tailor who specializes in custom suits.  He lived in New Jersey for a while but has moved back home to Italy.  Passed down to him from his father are old world hand methods that he carefully applies even to the layers that will never see the light of day.   Without any real discussion he managed to teach:   Value without compromize. 
Affordable luxury. 
Quality without cutting corners.  
Family strengthens one's identity and connects us to what is important.  And so my work is an alchemy of traditional techniques and sensibilities as I strive to create an aesthetic that forges an emotional connection.

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