The Washington State History Museum is hosting a new exhibit of glass art pieces featuring shards of stained glass from churches and sanctuaries in England, France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany that were damaged or destroyed during World War II. The exhibit will be on view January 12, 2008 through March 2, 2008.

The above window is part of the exhibition and was created to remember U.S. Army Chaplain Frederick A. McDonald's 1945 visit to the war-torn Liebefrau Kirche-Trier (Church of Our Lady) in Germany.


It was in July of 1860 when Father Gallagher began building St. Michael's Cathedral in Springfield, Massachusetts, and on December 27, 1861, opened for services.  To the left and right of the altar are two creaky staircases that lead up to balconies, which are now rarely used.  The Madonna and Child window is located near the top of the left staircase, and on the exact opposite side of the Cathedral, the St. Joseph window is located near the top of the right staircase.  We've brought the two windows together in this picture for Christmas.


In 1894 this opalescent Tiffany angel window was installed in Center Church in Hartford, Connecticut.  This particular glass, which Tiffany created, became so popular that even turn-of-the-century European decorating named it "le verre américain".

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