Cataloging Stained Glass Windows - The fusion of old world goldsmithing with modern design

Here is an inspiring report about David Martin from upper state New York who has decided to spend his two years of retirement cataloging stained glass windows.

“Every window has a story to tell and it varies from church to church, synagogue to synagogue, wherever you happen to be - - and all of the little images that you see in the windows, they all mean something,” said Martin.

He plans to share his photographs online and publish a book. Meantime, take a look at this article and short video report ...

4/27/2008 22:53:02

The chapel I was married in had a full wall stained glass of Jesus praying. A few years ago it was removed with a remodel of the building into a performing arts center. It is so great to know someone is cataloging. These works of art are too great to forget.


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