Making something unwanted, broken or discarded into a work of art, excites us. If you have visited our web site, online portfolio, daily Twitter updates, Facebook page and jewelry shop, then you already know this! From this blog you also know how we are inspired by the art of light, and of course that includes the magnificant works of Louis Comfort Tiffany. So when I learned about John D'Agostino's exhibition, Empire of Glass, I had to share with you right away!

The Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, Massachusetts is hosting this exhibition. Paula Tognarelli, the museum's Executive Director, wrote about it, and here is an extract from her article:

"John D’Agostino photographs discarded pieces of Tiffany glass. He was destined to do so. The stained glass of Louis Comfort Tiffany has inspired three generations of the D’Agostino family. John’s grandfather, Vito D’Agostino (1898-1968), had a passion for Tiffany glass and through scavenging and installment payments, amassed, piece by piece, a handsome Tiffany glass collection. When the Tiffany Studios were liquidated in 1933, workman removed large sheets of glass from the demolition and smashed the glass into pieces on the streets, dumping the remnants into the East River in New York. Vito D’Agostino rescued many large sheets of glass that would eventually be photographed by his grandson. John’s father, John E. D’Agostino, safeguarded his father’s Tiffany collection. As an abstract painter and collagist, Tiffany glass has influenced his understanding of 20th century abstract painting as well as the characteristic nature of his artwork. John E. D’Agostino says that his work is suggestive of stained glass."

We're planning a trip and recommend that if you are nearby Winchester, MA do visit this exhibition too and let us know what you think! -Caroline

6/16/2009 06:33:58 am

Amazing photograph of Tiffany glass!

4/29/2010 07:44:12 pm

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