Key Fascination - The fusion of old world goldsmithing with modern design
On a scenic fall hike several years back, we stopped for a rest nearby some old railroad tracks. I noticed something sticking out of the ground and dug it up. It was a large rusty key, shown in the above photo.
Finding it was the start of antique and vintage key collecting.
Photograph by Flickr member *April*
For hundreds of years keys have represented authority, security, and power.    Its symbol is found throughout history, on coats of arms, banners and even seals for kings, emporers and cities.  Found in art, including stained glass, keys unlock the Kingdom of Heaven and the Bottomless Pit.  And presenting a "key to the city" is a medieval tradition that continues to this day.  
I took a few of my favorites, created molds, and employing traditional goldsmithing methods cast each in recycled sterling silver. Here they are with almost every detail of the originals showing wonderfully.
Beautiful key necklaces, connecting to the past.  A key fascination.
11/22/2009 18:59:55

And let us not forget the "key" to our hearts. Nice blog!

3/30/2010 19:37:45

Love your keys above and I too, am fascinated/obsessed with keys. I have a centerpiece on my "Tell Your Story" necklace from an Etsy seller, solid sterling which is my favorite metal. I've been buying them for my shop as well as collecting pewter and brass keys for my personal collection. So cool that you create the molds, far beyond my silversmithing capabilites. Again, love your stuff!!!

9/28/2010 03:05:22

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