Yesterday I received this beautiful postcard from a faraway friend.
How exciting to hear from Heidi who is in New Zealand! We share the same glowing enthusiasm for stained glass, and with her extensive travel and wonderful photography, Heidi's discoveries always fascinate.


This postcard from The Nelson Provincial Museum features "Weave", designed by Jo Ogier and constructed by Robyn Hall and Glass Craft of Nelson. On the back is a detailed description of the work, the process, and each panel. The luxuriantly-colored stained glass represents historic and natural symbolism tied to the Nelson region.
So much treasure in one little piece of mail!

8/7/2010 07:33:21 am

Love your stuff...very nice to see some original ideas

8/7/2010 07:34:39 am

The ring you made for me was exactly what I was looking for!!!

Jacinda Stallard
4/24/2016 03:32:38 pm

Hi Al and Caroline, My name is Jacinda Stallard and I just stumbled across your wonderful blog. I work for the Nelson Provincial Museum and with your permission I would love to share this post on our Facebook page.


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