The Washington State History Museum is hosting a new exhibit of glass art pieces featuring shards of stained glass from churches and sanctuaries in England, France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany that were damaged or destroyed during World War II. The exhibit will be on view January 12, 2008 through March 2, 2008.

The above window is part of the exhibition and was created to remember U.S. Army Chaplain Frederick A. McDonald's 1945 visit to the war-torn Liebefrau Kirche-Trier (Church of Our Lady) in Germany.

12/30/2007 04:00:59 am

Fred McDonald was an absolutely remarkable Episcopal priest who collected shards of stained glass during WWII while he was Gen. Omar Bradley's Protestant chaplain. Fifty years later the shards were incorporated into the 25 original art pieces that comprise this exhibit. Historically, aesthetically, spiritually, the result is a remarkable collection. The exhibit was up for three months in San Francisco, and visitors came back for second and third visits. Highly recommended!

1/6/2008 12:03:44 am

Beautiful!! And the exhibit on your prior post sounds like it would be just wonderful to go to!


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