Stained Glass Inspired - The fusion of old world goldsmithing with modern design

Searching "stained glass" on Etsy , these wonderful finds turned up. Starting from the top left: A handpainted candle holder, fine art print of stunning reflections behind ornate grating, beautiful gothic window photo notecards, and bright-colored vegan soap.

4/25/2009 16:23:54


4/25/2009 17:57:24

The print of the grate really is incredible. And I never would have guessed the last picture was soap, that's wild.

4/25/2009 22:12:31

Thanks so very much for the feature!! What an honor to be along side such talent. Bravo!!

4/26/2009 20:44:36

What a great blog! Thank you for including my window photo in your current focus. I will be checking out your shop too.

5/27/2009 19:46:20

This is fascinating information you have collected!


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