Minerals that were familiar only to gem collectors a few years back are now taking their place as centerpieces in jewelry designs, expanding the possiblities for demonstrating the wearer's personal attitude and style. Starting with translucent Montana agate I began designing these earrings and find there's something very satisfying in creating them, so I've started a collection, highlighting my favorites in the above photo. The stones are handpicked from rough, discarding the majority to find gem quality and then the handcutting and polishing work begins. They are matched with halves that are a right and left, which can be difficult to accomplish, but worth doing so that each pair of earrings is truly made for each other. If I had to pick, the The Austrialian boulder opal earrings are my favorite. When the stones are ready, I use traditional goldsmithing methods, yellow gold and white gold from 14k to 24k, 24k yellow gold granulation here and there, and combining different natural stones, including diamonds, sapphires, fire opals, garnets, and moonstone. These earrings come alive and look stunning when worn, so I think I'll continue making more! -Al

4/27/2008 12:16:51 pm

Your designs are truly amazing!

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Interestingg thoughts


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