Here is a beautiful silent film that shows the making of a stained glass window. This film was produced in co-operation with James Powell and sons. Watch it for a few seconds, and then I'm sure you'll be drawn in to see it right to the end!

3/2/2008 09:38:13 am

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I certainly have enjoyed reading yours. I do love stained glass!

3/3/2008 09:27:43 am

wow, that is an incredible process! thanks for sharing that!

3/4/2008 01:58:08 am

That video is wonderful! When I lived in Ohio I took a trip to a glass shop, where they make art marbles, in the NW portion of the state. I can tell you I was mesmerized! What talent and skill it takes to make such beautiful objects of art. Thanks for having this on your blog!

3/4/2008 05:17:11 am

I loved that video clip, so much great information. Thanks again for sharing it in your blog!


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